About Us

Novus is Latin for new and Nexus is Latin for connection. The graphical design for our logo has us in a distinct color to underscore our core principle “us”. Us is our ecosystem of customers, clients and partners. We approach all that we do to make us successful. Us is our mission. The connected spheres in the logo symbolize connection or nexus and illustrate the abstract modeling principle applied to CAE including the important many to one capability.

Novus Nexus™, Inc. is founded by Dr. Bruce Webster who has more than 25+ years of experience in CAE. Dr. Bruce Webster along with staff of Novus Nexus™, Inc. are available to assist clients in expert CFD and CAE automation projects.Novus Nexus™, Inc. is founded in 2010 and has offices in United States (Northville) and India (Pune).

Our Team

Dr. Bruce Webster

Co - Founder / Ph.D, Aeronautical Engineering, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Dr. Bruce Webster: Dr. Bruce Webster is a passionate entrepreneur who wants to drive CAE simulations through innovative abstract modeling technology which will help organizations to fully automate their CAE workflows. He has spent 25 years working in different capacity to bring FluidNexus in market.

Professional Experience:

  1. Novus Nexus:
  2. As CEO and chairman of Novus Nexus, Bruce has been devoting his time in product strategy, product development, marketing and sales of next generation automation CFD preprocessor, FluidNexus.

    As CTO of PAX Pure, Bruce leads engineering efforts to develop new state of the art clean water desalination product based upon novel patented technology inspired by biomimicry. Bruce has been instrumental in setting up automated CAE workflows using FluidNexus which allows PAX to stay ahead in cut throat competition to bring products faster in market.

  3. MSC Software:
  4. Bruce worked as CFD product development director mainly development, support and sales of FluidConnection.

  5. Pioneer Solutions, Inc:
  6. Bruce founded Pioneer Solutions, Inc. (a spin off of Simmetrix Inc) to develop advanced CFD preprocessor, “FluidConnection” based on abstract modeling principles. Later Pioneer was acquired by MSC Software in August 2007

  7. Simmetrix Inc:
  8. Bruce had spent over 15 years in his entrepreneurial efforts pursuing the development of Simulation Based Design (SBD) software that uses innovative abstract modeling principles.

  9. Kaman Sciences:
  10. Bruce had worked as rotorcraft nuclear blast CAE analyst for 6 years.

Detail Profile:

Bruce’s academic and industrial CAE experience is broad and extensive covering both structural and fluid disciplines. Throughout these years, Bruce has worked on a myriad of CFD projects and CAE automation production projects while working on site at Ford and Visteon. Bruce also worked as a consultant to other corporations on various projects e.g. innovative wind and water green energy devices, aero-acoustic projects for rotating fluid devices (engine cooling fans and lawn mowers), agricultural splitter device for seed delivery, automotive headlamp defogging, automotive and heavy industry vehicle HVAC, underhood thermal management including exhaust shielding and other climate control engineering attributes, external aerodynamics including working with NASCAR team and rotorcraft technology.

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Santosh. T. Patil

Co-founder Director / M. Tech., IIT Bombay
Santosh Patil has good exposure to CFD services, Software development and team management. He has played an important role in development of FluidNexus software from requirements to realization. He posses a good command over C/C++ programming, API libraries (Qt, VTK, Simmetrix, Pro/Toolkit), Scripting (Python, Scheme, Shell Scripts) as well as CFD softwares (Fluent, TGrid, AcuSolve, ICEM-CFD, OpenFOAM, UH3D). Education: M. ...Read More

Amol. S. Patil

Co-founder Director/ M. Tech., IIT Bombay
Amol Patil has played a key role in FluidNexus development from defining software requirements to realization. He is also responsible for customer support, customer training and pre sales activities of FluidNexus. He has good understanding of CFD CAD creation process and automating CFD workflows using FluidNexus. He possesses fine set of programming skills (C, C++, Python) with good command over ...Read More