Improve simulation pre-processing efficiency through robust, fast, and easy automation — get results that are always reliable, in far less time.

Democratize CAE workflows:

Enable Designers to Start Simulations with Confidence

When designers have direct access to simulation tools with the ability to initiate dependable simulations at any stage in the design process, they gain access to timely product insights that confer powerful advantages.

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Automate Quickly, Reliably, Easily

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Ensure Consistent use of Best Practices

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Timely, Comparable Results

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Preserve Simulation Expertise

While simulation technology empowers manufacturers to develop new products faster, cheaper, and with higher quality, traditional pre-processing is highly inefficient and common automation strategies are incredibly complicated to implement. Consequently, process automation isn’t used as much as desired, which means simulation results are often late or inconsistent. But we've changed that.

Our solutions offer an easy, fast, reliable approach to automation. Increase productivity gains by empowering designers to initiate consistently dependable simulations, so you can fully capitalize on the valuable insights of virtual tests.

What People Say

We consider CAENexus a competitive advantage, and want to keep it that way.

— Engineering Manager, Tier 1 Automotive Supplier

FluidNexus is causing a big impact in our job. Productivity and consistency increased a lot.

— Lead Engineer, Fortune 500 Appliance OEM

FluidNexus-API and its abstract modeling technology enabled us to generate automated CFD simulation result reports for fan, blower, and turbine designs. Beyond physical tests, the process improvement offered by FluidNexus helped us to explore unique biomimetic shapes for our products.

— COO, Fluid Dynamics R&D Lab
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