Intelligent, Intuitive Simulation Automation is Here


Our innovative CAENexus solution suite has been designed with two main objectives: First, make every simulation set-up re-usable, independent of geometry. Second, robustly automate the CAD-to-solver process. What makes this possible in an easy, fast, and intuitive way is Abstract Modeling.<br/><br/> Abstract models provide for simulation parameters to be assigned to placeholders, instead of manually applying those parameters to every single geometry, CAD or mesh. Then for any number of final geometries to be analyzed, CAENexus transfers all relevant simulation parameters from the placeholders to the according geometry of any specific CAD model and thereafter automatically creates the mesh and all other solver input files.<br/><br/> This resulting automation is more reliable than other approaches because it is independent of individual geometry topologies and does not need CAD conversions; meshes are generated on the original CAD models using the native CAD system for geometry interrogations. Due to the resulting process reliability our customers have democratized their CAE workflows, giving their designers access to simulation.<br/><br/>‚Äč Depending on the need, Novus Nexus software is currently available as <span>FluidNexus for CFD</span> specific applications, <span>FEANexus for structural</span> applications, or the combined CAENexus suite offering support for both solver types.