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There are a lot of steps from the initial concept of a product to manufacturing design and production. Leveraging computing power with simulations for design feedback and better engineering is an essential practice. Thats where we come in. Our flagship software, CAENexus, confers powerful advantages for streamlining the CAD-to-solver workflow to help you create better products faster, for less. Whether you are running simulations yourself or need an experienced team to help you out, we've got you covered.

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Read on to learn more about the many advantages of working with CAENexus.

Democratize CAE workflows:
Enable Designers to Start Simulations with Confidence

When designers have direct access to simulation tools with the ability to initiate dependable simulations at any stage in the design process, they gain access to timely product insights that confer powerful advantages:

  • Earlier detection of problems
  • Lower number of prototypes
  • More innovative designs
  • Less rework

While this sounds good, in reality designers are still too often unable to systematically use simulations and not achieving the maximum benefit. Why? Direct access to simulation tools is frequently hampered by:

  • Lack of simulation expertise
  • Complexity of simulation tools make them too hard to use
  • Turn-around time too long

What if designers could easily initiate dependable simulations, using your existing, proven solvers but without the need for them to learn new tools? What if your organization could exploit the full potential of virtual tests? You can now: CAENexus was created to empower designers without losing simulation fidelity.

Automate Pre-processing Quickly, Reliably, Easily Offering Icon

Automation is a proven way to increase process efficiency and reliably create comparable results, so why don’t we see it consistently applied to simulation? Well, common methods like scripting or model- based templates often end up as complex, high-effort tasks or are not available for the engineering software tools used in an organization. The effect: automating CAE workflows is only implemented for highest volume use cases.<br/><br/> CAENexus shifts the paradigm with Abstract Modeling Technology by making automation quick, reliable and easy. Our recipe requires only two ingredients, a reusable simulation case prepared without a specific geometry and CAD models enriched with matching text attributes.<br/><br/> The automation set-up effort is akin to what an analyst would expend every time for a traditional simulation. But now, this familiar process is leveraged to run automatically with any design variation, including vastly changing geometry topologies. CAENexus works directly with the native CAD model, avoiding CAD translations and related repair issues, which makes the resulting automation extremely robust.
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Ensure Consistent use of Best Practices Offering Icon

All models are wrong, but some models are useful” (George Box). Similarly, in the world of CAE, simulation approaches need to employ best practices for the intended purpose. Developing the best practices to optimally set up different use cases requires experience and a thorough understanding of the physics involved. Given the appropriate time, skilled analysts create highly suitable, “useful” models or simulation set-ups. The challenge can be to then ensure that such high-quality models are consistently used, without exception, regardless of time pressures or different users at different locations being involved.<br/><br/> Abstract models as used by CAENexus are the perfect vehicle to ensure consistent application of best practices. A simulation expert familiar with the intended use case can create one re-usable simulation set-up for all future geometry variations of interest. Whenever such simulations need to be performed, the same parameters, physics and mesh quality are used no matter who starts the simulation. The efficiency of the CAENexus automation helps to meet tight schedules and makes cutting corners a thing of the past.

Preserve your Organization’s Simulation Expertise Offering Icon

It takes some experience, even for skillful analysts, to perform dependable simulations. In larger teams, individual members also develop specialized knowledge, becoming “go-to” persons in their area of expertise and contributing to their organization’s success. But what happens when these individuals retire, or leave the company for any other reason? Even if replacement is an option, time and cost to train someone new have negative impacts. Preserving valuable knowledge and expertise can be a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be.<br/><br/> Abstract Modeling Technology naturally stores and preserves a simulation specialist’s know-how and best practices. And thanks to their re-usability, CAENexus abstract models make this knowledge available to other users when needed for new design investigations, even during team restructuring or turnover, thereby mitigating any delays and keeping product development on track.

Timely, Comparable Results for Better Decisions Offering Icon

Broad utilization of simulation throughout product development helps to develop competitive, higher quality products. Such extensive simulation use has been difficult to achieve, whether due to a lack of specialists or inconsistent use of best practices and methods. This often means that quality simulation results are not available in time to support critical design decisions, leading to delays and missed opportunities, higher costs, or even quality issues and recalls.​<br/><br/> With us, CAD-to-solver process automation becomes easy, so more simulation tasks can be automated. No complex scripts to program, instead we use powerful abstract models which represent reusable simulation templates encapsulating analysts’ know how. CAENexus combines those abstract models with any CAD model, whether variation or new design, to automatically generate all required solver input files. Analysts are then freed from repetitive, menial simulation set-up tasks and instead gain time to prepare more meaningful reports and discuss critical results with designers, accelerating the path to better products. <br/><br/> In essence, CAENexus reduces simulation turn-around time and delivers comparable results for more informed design decisions, so you can meet your goals.