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Frequently Asked Questions

+- What is the distinction between traditional CAE processes and CAENexus?

Traditional CAE involves a lot of non-value added but compulsory tasks (which consume an engineer’s valuable time) like geometry cleanup, repetitive meshing and solver setup.<br/><br/> CAENexus automates the CAE workflow using Abstract Models, intelligently designed CAD models, and automated meshing algorithms. This reduces job preparation time, improves consistency of simulation results independent of where and by whom they are created, allowing companies to run more simulations in early product development without the need to grow existing teams.

+- Does CAENexus have its own CAE solver?

CAENexus is a CAE pre-processor, which can write simulation ready solver input files for CAE solvers, both fluid and structural.

+- Which CAD platforms and CAE solvers are supported in CAENexus?

CAENexus works with most major CAD systems. We also support a broad range of mainstream solvers, both commercial and open source, for both fluid and structural analysis. Our software is built to accommodate new platforms and solvers, so the list is constantly evolving according to our customers needs. Get in touch with us to discuss your specific CAE tool set.

+- Can CAENexus do geometry clean up?

Are you prepared to say goodbye to tedious CAD cleaning? Truth is, CAENexus does not have any geometry cleanup tools. Instead, it utilizes a "Simulation-Based" design approach, promoting intelligent CAD models created from the start for simulation. This allows for optimization to happen before manufacturing models enter the picture.<br/><br/> We figure, why waste time and money adding manufacturing details on design iterations that wont see prototyping or production? If you want to use traditionally cleaned CAD models, thats ok, too. CAENexus still works. However, Novus Nexus encourages parametric CAD models to take maximum advantage of Abstract Modeling technology.

+- Who is using FEANexus/FluidNexus?

Many of our clients specifically request anonymity in our EULAs. Turns out, they don't want their competition finding out. Check out our Partners Page to see a hint of some notable clients, or see what some have said on our home page.

+- Can CAENexus do post processing?

CAENexus as an application focuses on the pre-processing side. We do offer post-processing as a service, however, and integrate with other technology partners, such as EASA, to bring you the full automated simulation experience, start to finish.

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