About us

Our mission at Novus Nexus is to democratize CAE workflows and radically expand simulation benefits by unleashing the power of Abstract Modeling.

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Novus Nexus offers a better way to easily and reliably automate CAE pre-processing. We help you to optimize the use of simulation resources, both human and software, enable CAD designers to run dependable simulations, and capture and consistently apply best CAE practices.

Meet the Founders

santosh Patil

Santosh T. Patil, M. Tech. CFD Specialist

Santosh plays a fundamental role in the development of FluidNexus, our CFD pre-processor. Along with a solid command of multiple coding and scripting languages, an intimate knowledge of our technology front to back, and extensive experience with a variety of leading CAD platforms and commercial CFD solvers, he is also a trusted and proven team leader.

Bruce Webster

Bruce Webster, Ph.D CEO, President

Bruce holds an advanced degree in aeronautical engineering, has over 25 years of academic, government and industrial experience on the leading edge of simulation tools, and is the father of our unique and elegant Abstract Modeling technology.

With a well earned reputation of care and highest integrity, along with a track record of guiding several companies to successful M&As, we are glad to have Bruce at the helm.

Amol Patil

Amol S. Patil, M. Tech. FEA Specialist

Amol has and continues to be an instrumental leader and integral member of the Novus Nexus family, from its beginnings through to today. Beyond his immense hands-on knowledge of programing, CAE workflows and automation, he is also responsible for heading up development of our structural analysis pre-processor, FEANexus.