• user Dr. Bruce Webster
  • Nov. 29, 2020

Simulate better with <span class="blue-text">us</span>.

<div class="text-justify">When performing simulations during my education at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and the early years of my professional career, I always felt that there must be a more efficient way of setting them up than what was the standard practice then and, to a large degree, still is today. Doing the same steps over and over again for every new geometry instance took such a huge amount of time and was error prone. Unfortunately, available options for automating the set-up were difficult, time consuming and extremely sensitive to geometry variations. As a result, automation was only feasible for the highest frequency simulations that justified the enormous cost and time investment involved. <br/><br/> From discussions with our users, I know that they felt the same pains. Simulation specialists work hard to timely share performance insights for new products with their development organizations, but without automated processes they cannot always succeed. In addition, the full power of simulation tools will be further unleashed as non-analysts themselves are able to execute dependable simulations whenever they have a new design they need to evaluate. <br/><br/> With inspiration taken from nature, object-oriented programing, and the help and feedback of early adopter customers, we have truly developed a solution to ‘simulate better’ with an amazingly easy and fast way to robustly automate simulation pre-processing. The core of our approach is abstract modeling, and you can learn more about the abstract modeling capabilities and advantages by watching the videos on our product page. Let me just say right here that our pre-processors based on abstract modeling are not only making automation easy, but they also allow users to preserve simulation expertise, ensure ongoing use of best practices, and are ideally suited to democratize simulation because they empower designers to get product performance information without delay. <br/><br/> I invite you now to browse our new website. If you feel that our solutions could be of value for you and your organization, please contact us. We would be happy to explore with you how your organization can ‘simulate better with us’, too. In fact, we are so confident, we are currently offering ‘no cost’ proof of concept engagements. <br/><br/> Bruce Webster, PhD <br/> Founder & CEO <br/> Simulate better with <span class="blue-text">us</span>.<br> <a href =https://www.novusnexus.com >www.novusnexus.com</a></div>
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