May 7, 2023

Novus Nexus Presenting at NAFEMS World Congress 2023

<div class="text-justify"> NAFEMS has accepted Novus Nexus to present during their 2023 World Congress in Tampa, FL. The NWC23 “will bring the global engineering simulation community back together again in person, from 15-18 May. It will be pushing the technology forward making simulation ever better and ever more accessible.” <br/><br/> <br> <img src="" style="vertical-align: top;display: inline-block;width: 600px;float: left;margin-right: 20px; margin-bottom: 20px; margin-top: 20px;"> <br clear="all"> If you are participating at NWC23, please join Novus Nexus’ Davis Evans, who will speak about “Simple, Quick and Reliable Simulation Process Automation” on Tuesday, 16 May at 12:45pm in track 1J - Democratization. <br/><br/> Davis’ presentation will explore a possible path towards systematic democratization of simulation, which becomes increasingly important to enable regular use of simulation in the design process. It investigates how a combination of simulation-specific “low-code” tools (based on abstract modeling), together with universal "low-code" tools, can drastically simplify automation, even and especially when complex products are involved. Such techniques are explained through two (demo) project examples with their respective implementation efforts. Advantages of this approach to automation include the ability for non-CAE/CFD specialists to initiate reliable simulations, the relief for analysts from unproductive routine work, the preservation of simulation knowledge, and the continuous use of best practices for future simulations. <br/><br/> To see the full abstract, go to the <a href = >Novus Nexus Resources </a>page for a download.<br/><br/> </div>